Summer Skincare Buzz

New season, new skincare. Lighten your load this year with fresh, summertime products. No more heavy creams or rich oils to weigh you down. It’s time to prepare for more sun, less fuss and great skin. Don’t get caught up in too much excess. Minimalism is in. Less is more if it’s the correct products!


This active ingredient attracts and absorbs dirt and oil, making charcoal based products great for when the weather warms up. This sponge by boscia will help you cleanse away the day. Pair it with this makeup setting spray and you’ll be set to glow all summer.

Dry Brushing

From your face to your body, dry brushing is a trend everyone is hopping on. Dry brushing can exfoliate skin, reduce the appearance of tone and texture and bring a fresh-faced glow to your complexion. Try it this season with this tool by Mila Moursi.

High-tech Masks

Masks have gotten smarter. From La Mer’s lifting and firming mask to GlamGlow’s mud-based treatment to this smooth balm mask by Dior, there are many options to choose from as the weather warms.

Plump Up

Hydration will be a focus this summer. People want light and breathable products when the weather warm, and hydration is key to this. Using a toner by Fresh with the rose will aid in all your light hydration needs. Dior’s hydra sorbet is also a great option to try out this summer’s skincare trend.

Skincare Superfoods

What we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies, and people will be paying more and more attention to this come summer. From super seed oils to broccoli-based creams, you’ll be getting your fruits and veggies on the reg in your skincare routines. Youth to the People is a brand that has been doing this well. From their Kale + Aloe sunflower oil to their Kale + Green Tea Spinach cleanser, there are many ways to vitamin up.

Emma Abbott

Emma Abbott

Emma Abbott is originally from New York and currently lives in the Washington, DC area. She studied journalism at Canisius College and Fashion Merchandising at FIT. By day, Emma works in Public Relations and moonlights as a writer. Her passions are storytelling, music, nature and humans in general, along with her French bulldog, Moo.

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