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Day In My Dreams - Winter Neutrals

Winter blues have you struggling on what to wear without looking like an Arctic Eskimo? People seem to naturally dress to match the season – bright beachy colors in the summer, dark drab colors when winter sets in. But why? Contemporary fashion has taught us that there are rules no more, and abiding by some of the oldest fashion trends in the book aren’t going to have you looking or feeling like a fresh fashionista. It’s time to step out, feel free to express yourself, and live without restrictions (at least from your wardrobe).

Winter whites have been a pop phrase in the fashion industry for the past couple of seasons as leading fashion gurus advise one and all to break past the “no white after Labor Day cliché. Sure black may be your go-to color (isn’t it all of ours?), but whites play an important role in radiating a fresh, understated style.


That being said, white isn’t for everyone, especially in snowy regions that look fresh, but leave your pant lines dingy after a few steps outdoors in the wet muck. Finding a happy compromise, here’s why you should be wearing winter neutrals.


Winter neutrals play off the winter white fashion trend, while still being practical enough to wear in a variety of winter weather situations. If there’s one thing I’ve learned being a fashion blogger – every look should not only be tailored to your taste but also wearable enough for real-life situations. Winter whites and neutrals are bright and eye-catching, without being too loud. Ideal for the classic chic or minimalist woman, winter neutrals are a timeless alternative to your all-black wardrobe in the winter season. A neutral palette is soft and feminine. And you might just find breaking out of your tradition leaving you feeling fresh and revived.

How to pull it off? Here are a few practical and fashion tips to consider. Wintertime often means winter weather – and long, loose fitting pants or skirt bottoms are easily tarnished when stepping outdoors. Opt for a skinny leg that tucks into booties to protect your wardrobe additions. Or, consider wearing a darker neutral on the bottom if you’re also concerned about soil from an active day or public transportation. I’ve worn a stretchy gray legging tucked into a neutral boot to keep the tone light, but absolutely wearable.


Layer up. It’s cold in winters. Lighter colors may not feel colder than dark colors, but layering on a couple of pieces will have you feeling cozier in winter’s chill. Try choosing something that’s ultra plush like faux fur or shearling jacket so your killer lady vibes are the only thing that’s chillin’.

In this look, I’ve layered a pastel tone off-shoulder top with a faux shearling vest for an extra layer against a moderately chilly day. Living in Virginia, there are still a few warmer winter days like this one – where light jackets or heavy sweaters are all you need for outdoors. For those of you living in the north or super cold regions, layer an overcoat over your vest, or try the fun trend of laying a nude biker jacket under a wool coat.


Don’t forget to accessorize. It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane during the winter season. Layering your accessories to match your look add a shine and a reminder that you for one, can still manage fashion in the colder season. Wearing stackable bracelets with a classic timepiece is one of my go-to’s for a little bit of subtle bling in winter wear.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun. Fashion is a language, a mode of expression. Be yourself, and communicate your inner juju through fashion that’s fun and fresh as you are. There are no rules, just a creative outer display of your inner self.

Winter neutrals let your shine your inner light even in the coldest seasons. So layer up, and don’t be afraid to shine.

Kristina Petrick - Day In My Dreams

Kristina Petrick - Day In My Dreams

Kristina is the founder and blogger of the lifestyle, travel and fashion blog Day in my Dreams, and also works as the Creative Director for a women's fashion company. She pursues creativity in written and visual form both in the office and on the blog. Travel is an essential part of her work and leisure, and her fashion choices reflect functional luxury and minimalist style.


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