How To Dress For A First Date

Oh yes, first dates… I think all girls have had a misstep at least once in their lives when it comes to wearing a complete uncomfortable outfit. Or an outfit that simply makes you uncomfortable because you seem to have picked the wrong pieces for the environment you ended up being with your date.


I think the best thing you can do is to pick a feminine outfit that you feel absolutely comfortable in. An outfit that does not reveal too much and what you know can be worn to most of the first dates locations, Or else, an outfit you have been complimented in already many times and you are certain that it looks great on you!


I personally wear dresses simply because I think dresses suit me better than pants. Or I would go with a skirt and a cute top, keeping it ultra feminine. Which by the way should be any girl’s goal on a first date.


I think it is really important to create a look that is showing off your feminine side. You can develop being your date’s buddy using your words, but NOT using  your appearance. NOT on a first date!


I like my shoulders so I choose to go with a strapless top paired with a skirt or backless dress. Depending on the style of my outfit I will pair them up with flats or not too high heels that I can actually walk in without looking weird.

I like to keep it simple when it comes to hair and make-up. Not over the top, but I love accentuating my lips. And personally, I would NEVER go without nail polish. Many forget how much the hands are in the game on a first date! Yess, girls, nails! 🙂


I have also experienced that you never know where you might end up going. That one time we had started off with a dinner in a super cute Italian restaurant, next thing I know, we are in a cool venue with live rock music, meeting lots of my date’s friends. I was so glad that I was wearing an outfit that was not over the top so I could have gone almost anywhere that night  – except maybe for the opera 🙂

Nes - The Sheer Connection

Nes - The Sheer Connection

Nes was born in Germany and was lucky to have lived in many different countries despite her young age. No wonder she loves to travel. Whilst her all time favorite cities are New York City and Istanbul she is currently spending a lot of time in Asia where she is based in Singapore. Nes speaks four languages and holds a Bachelor in International Business Management, She was successfully working in Marketing before she decided to live out her passion for fashion. Now her career takes place in the fashion and lifestyle influencer sphere.

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