Five Tips You Need To Look Effortlessly Stylish

So often I hear people say they don’t like to shop because it’s exhausting. Or discovering their style seems overwhelming. Guys. It doesn’t have to be! Shopping, style, fashion—it’s all obtainable; it’s for every budget; and it can look as effortless on as it is to find.

The key? Keep things simple. Keep things timeless. Keep things right for you. Because let’s face it — if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing — no matter how trendy the piece is — you will never feel stylish.

Here are my top five tips on how to look effortlessly stylish — all the time

Pick and choose trends that are right for you — don’t feel obligated to wear them all.

Trends. Some work. Some don’t. So don’t feel obligated to wear them all. Many times I see a trend on others; love it; try it myself—and then hate it. It’s just a fact—not every trend will work. I say this to free you of fashion stress. Effortless style has to feel just that—effortless. If you’re attempting a lace-up shoe and find they make your calves look more muscular than anticipated, opt for a fun slide instead. Feel uncomfortable in an off-the-shoulder top? Ditch it for a boho tunic! Just because a trend works for one woman doesn’t mean it has to work for you. Know your body. Know your comfort level. And shop with that in mind.

Own more timeless pieces than trendy ones. Then mix and match.

If your entire closet is full of trendy items, you’ll be running out of items to wear every season. This can lead to stressful shopping patterns. And might make it hard to stretch your wardrobe throughout the year. When you invest in timeless pieces—items like a great pair of dark denim jeans; a crisp white button-down; a navy blazer; and a stunning leather jacket—mixing in seasonal trends is easy (and gentler on your budget). Wear this season’s lace-up shoe trend with dark skinny jeans. Boho-up a little white dress with a kimono. Pair a choker necklace with a white button down shirt.

Purchase clothes in colors that are right for your skin tone.

Wearing colors that are your colors makes something as simple as a tee-shirt look as stunning as an expensive blouse. If you look good in blues—wear blues. If you love reds—wear reds. It’s as simple as shopping items that you love in colors that you love. No matter how much you try and make a drab “trendy” colored top work, it’ll never look as good on you as a piece in your color. For more on how to shop for your skin tone, check out our latest blog post.

Create a five-minute make-up routine with items that accentuate your natural beauty.

Nothing says effortless more than an easy make-up routine. I love to glam up for a night out, but for the day-to-day? I try and pick as little as three items of make-up to as many as five items during the day to feel fresh, natural, and effortless all at the same time. Items that will brighten my face and accentuate my features. My go-to’s are concealer (bye-bye, dark circles); blush (hello, rosy cheeks); highlighter (game changer); and brow enhancer (face-defining). (My fifth is mascara, of course.) These limited items go on quickly (we’re talking five minutes) and leave me feeling natural and put-together, whatever the day brings.

Forget the rules and wear what you love!

The ultimate way to feel effortless with style? Is where. What. You. Love. That’s it! If you love what you’re wearing, then you’ll for sure feel stylish.

Robin Puelma

Robin Puelma

Robin enjoys exploring her imagination daily. She lives in Los Angeles with her amazingly supportive husband, Alejandro, two adorable parakeets, Sebastian and Geronimo, and maltipoo, Moby. Free time together = city walking, coffee house exploring, new food finding, and red wine tasting. Free time alone = style watching, boutique shopping, and bookstore perusing. Currently, she's working as a freelance writer and an author of middle-grade novels.

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