Best New York Bars For Single Women

If you’ve been living in NY more than 1 month – yes, only 1 month – you would know what I mean. It’s tough. It’s a city that makes you question your purpose and motives and mental health every day.

Finding an apartment is a hassle, a decent roommate who doesn’t wear your undies when she (or he) is out is tough. Getting a job that pays enough to let you have boozy brunch once a week, and dinner maybe twice and drinks here and there like there’s no tomorrow is more difficult than anything. Unless you’re looking for a boyfriend.

You download all the apps and swipe-swipe, try to go to all the damn home parties – even if they sound terrible, stay active, join meet-ups, do hiking trips, be alert all the time, take classes yet it’s still hard. You wonder where all the decent looking guys with some sort of a job disappeared to, or how they’re all settled down or in love, and when did that all happen. And why you didn’t get the memo. No answer…

If you’re a hopeless romantic and trying to find love online, read up and learn when to take a break. And once you’re ready to take a break from that miserable trying to find the one online constantly by swiping at least 4 hours a day period, take a step out to the lovely NY bar scene.

Because who you’re looking for is out there. And there are so many awesome spots in NY where you can meet the interesting real people of this amazing city. For a date, for making a new friend or just for a night of fun. Up to you.

Highlands – West Village

Come here during the week and sit at the bar. You can thank us later.

Bell, Book & Candle – West Village

Friday happy hour is the best time. Definitely, sit or hang out by the bar. It gets a good, friendly after work crowd.

Leave Rochelle Out Of It – LES

Rochelle’s can’t go wrong. Except Sunday’s. Then it’s either dead or loud from some football game.

LelaBar – West Village

It’s a very cute and romantic wine bar that if you happen to meet someone there, you will definitely visit again for a date night with him/ her.

Summit – East Village

I prefer weeknights since it’s quieter, but Summit is ok also during weekends unless you’re very late and it’s packed and you didn’t excel your lip reading skills. yet They have great cocktails, decent oyster happy hour and a very cute DJ.

Houston Hall – West Village

During the week after hours is the greatest time. It’s an awesome spot to make friends or pick up some dates for the rest of the week.

Wilfie & Nell – West Village

One of my favorites. And very well know as a pick-up spot. It always has a good vibe and nice looking crowd.

Cubbyhole – West Village

You can go there any day of the week, and it’s always and always fun. It’s a lesbian bar with certainly a fun and friendly crowd and 80s music. And cheap drinks.

Marie’s Crisis – West Village

Come here any day. Yes, it’s usually packed, but packed with people singing to some Broadway tunes. It’s a gay bar to meet the interesting characters of New York.

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