8 Floral Dresses Under $100 You Need This Summer

Finally it’s here. Many of us have been waiting for it for almost 9 months, but the question is ‘Are we ready yet?’

Summer always gets us excited, motivated to work out more, show off our hopefully toned, and even better, maybe a little tanned bodies. It is always fun to dig in to our summer closets and find out what threasures have been hidden there during those atrocious cold winter days.

However as fashionistas, we all know that fashion changes. And sprinkling tiny bits of new to our current but of course super stylish closet is always a good idea.

So we made a great list of this summer’s biggest trend; FLORAL DRESSES. And while doing so, we made sure we won’t let anyone suffer from hunger, or commute to work on feet. We will not let you break the bank! Yet!

Take a look at our list of 8 very colorful, stylish, elegant yet affordable floral dresses. Let us know what you think, or if you have any additions to our list on your comments!

  1. Revolve Clothing 

Revolve Floral Dress


Many of us would know, Revolve is not really well known with its affordable line. But this gorgeous nude dress with little red flowers is only $92.

2. Lulu’s

Lulus Floral Dress

When it comes to affordable and fashionable dresses, Lulu’s is one of our favorites. I think you got the point after seeing this dress. But wait until we share it’s price! This off-the-shoulder dress with all these fun flower figures is only $56.

3. Asos

Asos Floral Dress

Asos is a UK based fast fashion brand. Some of you might not be familiar with them yet, but check out their site whenever you get a chance! They carry amazing designs, and their shipment is surprisingly faster than shopping within US. They also offer free returns with no minimum.

Anyway, let’s get back to this scallop neck dress. This classy and playful piece is only $81.

4. Forever 21


It would totally be unfair if we didn’t add a piece from Forever 21 to this list. Their clothing might not have the perfect quality, but when it comes to sytle and options – well, endless options, Forever 21 is one of the few.

This off-the-shoulder floral dress is only $17. Yes, you got that right!

5. Missguided


Missguided is another UK based company carrying fast fashion clothing. Their prices are almost as good as Forever 21, but I can say that the quality is a tad better.

This leaf printed bold dress with mash details is only $42.

6. Lulu’s – Again

Lulus- Green Floral Dress

We already anounced Lulu’s as one of our favorite dress shops. So allow us to share one more floral – this one is more on the leafy side – dress.

This green print dress with halter neckline is only $48.

7. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Floral Dress

Nasty Gal always carries the most interesting and a bit revealing dresses. But it is summer, isn’t it?  Adding a little touch of shocking effect to our going out dresses won’t kill.

This midi sheer dress not only has flowers but also hidden birds on it. It is definitely a very fun piece to add to our floral collection. And guess what, it is only $88.

8. The Reformation

Reformation Floral Dress

Reformation is definitely not known with its affordable dresses. But this piece that we digged out is only $98.

They tailor all their dresses with sustainable fabrics and vintage garments, and they are eco friendly, so if you haven’t get a piece from them yet, this is your chance!

Fulya Uygun

Fulya works in digital marketing and she also has an ecommerce site; JewelJam.com. Writing has never been her passion, but shopping surely is. As an avid online shopper, she is here to share best tips to shop online for anything. Yes, anything.

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