7 Best Countries To Celebrate New Years

Here we’re ending one year and starting a new one. It’s always exciting to decide where to go, who to hang out with, what to do to celebrate new years. We say this year, do something different, ditch your party clothes and head to a new exciting place you’ve never been to.

Here are some of our suggestions!

Dunk Island Australia

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Sydney is a favorite destination for some, but if you want to escape city life and ring in the New Year in paradise, head over to the eastern coast to Dunk Island. The breathtaking island is part of the Great Barrier Reef Heritage area and is known for its wild, almost untouched beauty. Since the main resort was destroyed in 2011 after cyclone Yasi, you’ll have to get really close to nature and spend your time on the camp grounds.


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The Eiffel Tour is glorious, even more so when the New Years Eve fireworks and light show kick off. Whether you are cruising down the Seine or joining the massive block party that runs down Champs-Elysees, the options are all hopelessly glamorous.

Cape Town

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You could always party it up on the V&A waterfront, but if peace and quiet are calling, drive up to Table Mountain and park, enjoying unforgettable views of the fireworks that light up the city.

New York

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Where else can you watch a 12,000-pound crystal ball descend onto a crowd of millions? Make like a VIP and get a reservation at one of the various bars and restaurants with views over Times Square or spend the evening in more intimate surroundings at one of the city’s numerous lounges.

Rio, Brazil

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Copacabana Beach is the place to be! Millions of people descend on the beach, where live bands play Samba and international jams and people party from 8 pm until sunrise. Wearing white is customary as it is thought to bring you luck in the New Year, but not your favorite pieces because they will surely be ruined when the crowds start spraying champagne after midnight.

Reykjavik, Iceland

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Short days mean long nights. Fireworks start going off around 9 pm and only get bigger and more incredible as you get closer to midnight. Whether you spend your New Years chasing the Northern Lights or dipping in and out of the hot springs, make sure to find a community bonfire. That’s how locals kick off the celebration, as it symbolizes burning away the troubles of the previous year.

New Orleans, LA

Photo Credit: Walleyelj | Dreamstime.com
Photo Credit: Walleyelj | Dreamstime.com

New Orleans is a great party city any time of year, but New Years is one of the most exciting times to be there. Live music options are endless, the firework show along the Mississippi River and the Fleur de Lis drop are not to be missed!

Malikah Kelly

Malikah Kelly

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